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Stepfather Convicted of Murdering Bollywood Actor Laila Khan and Five Relatives

In a dramatic turn of events, a Sessions court in Mumbai has delivered a long-awaited verdict in the infamous Laila Khan murder case. Parvez Tak, stepfather of Bollywood actor Laila Khan, has been found guilty of the murder of Khan and five members of her family. This verdict comes a staggering thirteen years after Khan and her family, including her mother and siblings, mysteriously disappeared.

The court’s decision, handed down on Thursday, marks a significant milestone in a case shrouded in mystery and speculation. The quantum of punishment for Tak will be determined by the court on May 14th, with the sentencing to follow thereafter.

Another individual implicated in the case remains at large, adding a layer of complexity to an already convoluted narrative.

The tragic saga began in 2011 when Laila Khan, known for her roles in Bollywood films, vanished along with her mother Shelina Patel and four siblings. Her father, Nadir Patel, initiated a police investigation into their disappearance, triggering months of probing and conjecture.

Investigators uncovered a series of clues, including the discovery of the family’s abandoned vehicle in Jammu and Kashmir, Tak’s place of origin. Suspicion fell on Tak, who is identified as Khan’s stepfather, following revelations about his contentious relationship with Shelina Patel and alleged disputes over property.

According to police accounts, Tak is accused of perpetrating a heinous act, eliminating Shelina Patel in a fit of rage over property matters before proceeding to eliminate Khan and other family members who witnessed the crime. Tak led authorities to the burial site where the remains of the victims were concealed, providing a chilling insight into the extent of the tragedy.

The trial, marked by the testimony of around 40 witnesses, including Shelina Patel’s former spouses, delved into the intricacies of the case. Tak vehemently denied the charges, alleging inconsistencies in the investigation and claiming to be falsely accused.

With the court reserving judgment last month, special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam led the prosecution in presenting its case, culminating in Thursday’s conviction. Details of the court’s reasoning are expected to be elucidated in the forthcoming sentencing hearing.


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