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IAF For The First Time Reveals How BrahMos Missile Got Accidentally Fired into Pakistan in 2022

In a recent development, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has unveiled the underlying cause behind the accidental firing of a BrahMos missile in March 2022, which landed in Pakistan territory. The revelation emerged as the IAF responded to a petition filed in the Delhi High Court, marking the first instance of disclosure regarding the mishap.

According to reports from The Economic Times, the IAF attributed the misfire to the combat connectors remaining attached to the junction box. The Court of Inquiry, conducted promptly after the incident, highlighted the failure of the combat crew to intervene and prevent the launcher commander from executing the unsafe act, ultimately leading to the missile launch towards the neighboring nation.

The repercussions of the misfire extended beyond the financial realm, with the government incurring a loss of nearly Rs 25 crore and straining the already delicate relationship between India and Pakistan. The Court of Inquiry pinned primary responsibility on three IAF officers—Group Captain Saurabh Gupta, Squadron Leader Pranjal Singh, and Wing Commander Abhinav Sharma—for deviating from standard operating procedures, which facilitated the accidental firing.

In response to the findings, the Indian government terminated the services of the implicated officers, effective immediately. The termination orders were served on August 23, as announced by the IAF. Islamabad had promptly lodged a strong protest against the violation of its airspace by the Indian missile.

Wing Commander Abhinav Sharma, one of the implicated officers, had filed a petition attributing blame to Air Commodore and Squadron Leader JT Kurien, accusing him of disregarding safety protocols. However, the IAF refuted these allegations, labeling them as baseless conjectures lacking substantiating evidence.

The Pakistan Foreign Office, in 2022, had reported the entry of the supersonic projectile into its territory from India’s Suratgarh, causing damage to civilian property upon impact near Mian Channu city.


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