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Former Couple Contests From Different Parties for Same LS Seat

In an interesting contest, Bengal’s Lok Sabha election features a divorced couple competing against each other; this development has generated significant discussion in the state since the ruling Trinamool Congress released its list of nominees today. Sujata Mondal will run against Soumitra Khan, a BJP candidate running from Bandal’s Bankura district’s Bishnupur seat.
Earlier this month, the leader from Bishnupur was fielded by the BJP. From the same seat, Trinamool revealed Mondal’s name today.

In the lead-up to the state’s 2021 assembly election, which the Trinamool party won handily, the couple fell out. When his wife entered politics as a Triamool Congress member, Khan had made the announcement of their divorce live on camera.

Senior Bishnupuri leader Khan defected from Trinamool to join the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. At the time, his wife had run a campaign in his favor.

The Trinamool Congress made its candidacies for 42 seats in Bengal known today, indicating that it intends to take a solo role in the state.

The Congress, which was expecting a retreat despite Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s statement that she would only reevaluate relations with the Opposition bloc India after learning the election results, has been greatly offended by it.


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