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Attacks On Indian Students Continue In US, Hyderabad Boy Attacked In Chicago

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Four armed robbers attacked a Hyderabad-baased Indian student near his Chicago home, causing injuries. The student, who was covered in blood, is seen on camera complaining that the robbers punched and kicked him and took his phone.
Concern has been raised by the attack, particularly in light of the fact that four students of Indian descent were found dead in the US in January alone this year.

The resident of Hyderabad’s Langar Houz, Syed Mazahir Ali, is enrolled in the Indiana Wesleyan University in the United States to complete his master’s program. Early on Tuesday morning (Central Standard Time), three persons can be seen folowing him close to his Campbell Avenue home in Chicago, according to CCTV footage.

In a video, Ali is seen with blood pouring down his mouth, nose, and forehead. He says, “Four people attacked me.” I was walking home holding a food packet. The four individuals kicked and punched me after I slipped close to my house. Please, buddy, assist me. Please assist me”.

Another Hyderabad based boy Shreyas Reddy Beniger, 19, a student at Ohio’s Linder School of Business, was discovered dead last week. This is the fifth attack on Indian students within a month this year.

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