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PM Modi Urges Muslim Community to Reflect on National Progress, Cautions Against Political Exploitation

In the midst of the ongoing political turmoil between the BJP and Congress following the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a significant appeal to the Muslim community, urging them to ponder their role in the nation’s progress. In a televised interview, Modi addressed the Muslim community, calling for introspection and cautioning against the exploitation of religious divides for political gains by the opposition.

“For the first time, I appeal to the Muslim ‘samaj’ (community) and their educated segment: please reflect. As the country progresses, why does your community feel a sense of lacking? Did you not receive the benefits of government schemes during the Congress era? Contemplate whether you endured hardships during that time,” Modi stated.

Emphasizing the importance of considering the future of their children and their own, Modi expressed his desire for no community to live in fear or bondage. These remarks come amidst BJP’s accusations that Congress is fueling a Hindu-Muslim divide for electoral advantages.

Modi’s candid outreach to the Muslim community has garnered praise on social media platforms, with users commending his clarity and courage in addressing a topic often skirted by politicians. Many lauded him as a beacon of hope not only for the majority but also for minorities in India and beyond.

In a rally supporting a BJP candidate, Modi reiterated that Muslims are now realizing that they have been used as pawns by the Congress and its allies. He highlighted the inclusivity of government schemes, asserting that benefits are reaching all sections of society without discrimination.

“The Muslim community understands that the Congress and its allies are exploiting them for vote bank politics,” Modi asserted. He criticized the opposition for their overt attempts at appeasement, likening their tactics to the historical strategies of the Muslim League.


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