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Mumbai School Principal Parveen Shaikh Terminated Over Social Media Posts on Gaza

Following a controversy over her social media comments regarding the situation in Gaza and internal politics, Parveen Shaikh, the principal of Somaiya School in Vidyavihar, Mumbai, was terminated on Tuesday.  

The decision to terminate Shaikh’s services was announced by the school’s management trust, Somaiya Vidyavihar, citing her social media actions as “starkly misaligned with the values” of the trust. In a statement, the administration emphasized the importance of upholding unity and inclusivity within the institution.

The controversy erupted following reports, including one from OpIndia, alleging that Shaikh had expressed support for Palestine on social media platforms. However, Shaikh claimed she was unaware of these reports until the school administration brought them to her attention, stating that the publication had not contacted her previously.

In response to the uproar, Somaiya Trust acknowledged the issue and distanced itself from Shaikh’s purported views, asserting that they were not in alignment with the trust’s stance. The trust emphasized the importance of responsible use of freedom of expression, acknowledging its limitations and the need for consideration towards others.

Shaikh, expressing her discontentment, described herself as “shocked” upon learning about her termination through social media before official notification from the management. She refuted the allegations against her, deeming the termination notice as “entirely unlawful” and based on defamatory claims.

Prior to her termination, the school administration had requested Shaikh to step down from her position on April 26, which she declined, citing her 12-year affiliation with the institution, including seven years as principal.


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