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Doctor Allegedly Catches Wife in Compromising Position With Two Men, Leads to Violent Altercation

In a dramatic turn of events in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, a doctor stumbled upon his estranged wife in a compromising situation with two men at a local hotel, triggering a heated confrontation that escalated into physical violence. The incident, captured on camera, has since gone viral on social media, drawing widespread attention.

The confrontation unfolded on Thursday night when the husband, harboring suspicions about his wife’s activities, stormed into a hotel room only to catch her red-handed with the two men. What followed was a violent clash involving the husband, accompanied by his family members, and the two individuals found with his wife.

According to police reports, the doctor and his wife had been living separately for the past year following a domestic dispute. Both parties reportedly endured physical assault during the altercation at the hotel.

Subsequent to the altercation, the woman, who also serves as a doctor at a government hospital, along with the two men, one from Ghaziabad and the other from Bulandshahr, were arrested by authorities. Meanwhile, the aggrieved husband lodged a formal complaint against his wife and the two men, alleging misconduct.

However, it is notable that the woman has refrained from filing any complaint against her husband thus far, as confirmed by the police.


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