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Decorum Was Lacking During Polls, Manipur Still Burning: Mohan Bhagwat Adter LS Polls

In his first public statement following the Lok Sabha elections in which the BJP did not secure a majority, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat emphasized that a true servant of the people, or “sevak,” should be devoid of arrogance and should work without causing harm. Addressing the aftermath of a bitterly fought election campaign, Bhagwat noted that decorum was often found lacking.

Speaking to RSS leaders and workers at the conclusion of the Karyakarta Vikas Varg, a training programme for RSS members in Nagpur, Bhagwat highlighted the necessity of building consensus. His remarks came on the same day the newly formed BJP-led coalition held its first Cabinet meeting. Bhagwat also expressed concern about ongoing violence in Manipur, stressing the need for immediate attention and resolution.

“A true sevak maintains decorum while working,” Bhagwat stated. “The one who upholds decorum performs their duties without becoming attached or arrogant. Only such a person deserves to be called a sevak.”

Bhagwat’s comments come at a time when the BJP and the RSS are reflecting on the election results, and a new coalition government is taking office. He criticized the conduct during the elections, noting that both sides engaged in disparaging behavior and exacerbated social divisions. He also lamented the spread of false information through technology.

Referring to the Opposition, Bhagwat said, “I do not call it Virodhi Paksh; I call it Pratipaksh. The Opposition is not an adversary. It offers a different perspective that must be considered. Understanding this can help maintain the necessary decorum in electoral contests.”

Bhagwat underscored the importance of elections in a democracy, acknowledging the inherent competition but stressing the need for truthfulness and respect. He called for moving beyond the rhetorical excesses of the election period to focus on the future.

Discussing the violence in Manipur, Bhagwat remarked, “Social disharmony is prevalent everywhere, and this is not good. Manipur has been awaiting peace for a year. After a decade of tranquility, the sudden resurgence of gun culture has left Manipur in turmoil. It is our duty to address this urgently.”


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