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When a Bengaluru cardiologist responded to non-smokers ‘losers’ comment

A picture of a user smoking while holding a cup of tea was posted on X, and the post quickly gained popularity. The image was captioned, “Hey smokers and losers (non-smokers), what are you doing?”

The post quickly gained over a million views after going incredibly viral. The next thing that grabbed everyone’s interest was a response from Dr. Deepak Krishnamurthy, a cardiologist based in Bengaluru.

The woman was very gently schooled by the head of interventional cardiology at Kauvery Hospital.“The youngest patient I’ve sent for a triple bypass surgery was a 23y old girl smoker. #HeartAttack #MedTwitter Be a loser (as per this lady) and live healthy,” the doctor wrote.

Support started pouring in for the doctor’s post.

One commented: “I came out of my smoking habits after several years of struggle. I can feel the positive things in my health after that decision. People who smoke! you have nothing to be proud of.”, another wrote: “Became a loser after 36 yrs of smoking. Quit overnight”.


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