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Spanish Tourist Gang-Raped In Jharkhand, Posts Video On India Visit

A Spanish tourist has posted a video on YouTube where she describes the horror she experienced after allegedly being the victim of gang rape while out on a bike tour in Jharkhand with her partner. The couple stated that “a lot has been said, some things were true and others were lies” and that they wished to “reflect on what really happened” during the almost one-hour-long video.

The 28-year-old was sleeping in a makeshift tent with her partner on March 2 when the alleged assault occurred. One of the seven men that the woman claims were sexually assaulted her is purportedly captured on camera. After the incident is described, the couple can be seen in the video with bruises on their hands and faces.
Since we had no idea what would actually happen, we decided to record everything. A text message super visible in the video claims that we weren’t sure if the police would take us seriously or send us home.
Talking to the South China Morning Post before leaving for Spain on March 5, she said,”It seems like everyone in the world is expecting me to tell them, “Don’t go to India,” but that’s not how life works. My experience in India was not unique; it could have happened anywhere. The same thing happened to a couple who were traveling in Belize, Central America, not too long ago,” the woman had told the outlet.
“I tell women to leave the house, travel, and do it fearlessly. “If you’re going to camp, make sure it’s close enough to the road so you can easily call for assistance and have a signal for your phone,” she added.
Days after the incident, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs declared that the matter was “under investigation” and that many persons ad been taken into custody.
The couple has resumed their ongoing bike trip and is currently back in Spain. By this time, they have visited 67 countries. The couple expressed their desire to “put an end to this unpleasant stage” in the video and plan to keep going on bike trips.


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