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Smriti Irani Makes Fun By Saying “Jijaji Ki Nazar…” On Amethi Seat

BJP’s Smriti Irani has taken a jab at Rahul Gandhi and his brother-in-law Robert Vadra, saying that she ensured more work in the constituency in five years than Mr. Gandhi did in fifteen. The Congress has not yet announced its candidate in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh.
The comments follow Mr. Vadra’s rumours that he might run for the Congress stronghold of Amethi, which Ms. Irani won in 2019. On May 20, Amethi casts ballots in the Lok Sabha’s fifth phase.

“Jijaji ki nazar hai, saale sahab kya karenge. (brother-in-law is eyeing the seat, what will he (Mr Gandhi) do?) There was a time when people travelling in buses would leave their handkerchief to mark their seat so that no one sits on it. Rahul Gandhi will also come to mark his seat with a handkerchief because his brother-in-law is eyeing this seat,” she told a gathering in Amethi.

Rahul Gandhi had served three terms in a row as the representative of Amethi before she defeated him in the 2019 election. The seat, which was formerly thought to be a Congress stronghold, has previously been held by his parents, Sonia and Rajiv Gandhi, as well as his late uncle, Sanjay Gandhi.

Recently, Mr. Gandhi, who is running from Wayanad in Kerala, was asked if he would also run for Congress in Amethi. “I’ll follow the party’s instructions,” he said.

Mr. Vadra caused a stir earlier when he mentioned that the people of Amethi believe that “they’ll have the option of correcting their mistake of electing Smritiji” should he run for office. “I am sure they will ensure my victory by a huge margin if I contest,” he stated.


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