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Self-proclaimed ‘Workaholic’ Couple Faces Backlash After Giving Up 3-Month-Old Daughter for Adoption

In a shocking turn of events, a UK couple’s decision to give up their 3-month-old daughter, Elizabeth, for adoption has sparked outrage across social media platforms. The father, who shared their story online, revealed that the couple felt their newborn didn’t fit into their lifestyle, leading them to take this drastic step.

According to the father’s account, he and his wife, self-proclaimed “workaholics,” found it challenging to adjust to parenthood. Despite his attempts to engage with their daughter, he noted a lack of interaction from his wife, who preferred to focus on work-related matters rather than bonding with Elizabeth.

The couple’s decision not to breastfeed the child further fueled controversy. While the father expressed a willingness to take on a more interactive parenting role, he lamented the differing approaches between himself and his wife.

Struggling to reconcile their lifestyle with the demands of parenthood, the couple explored adoption options, including within their family. However, they faced criticism for treating the situation as a transaction and were accused of child abandonment by child services.

Online reactions to the couple’s story have been overwhelmingly negative, with many condemning their apparent lack of empathy and emotional connection to their child. Critics characterized their actions as selfish and insensitive, accusing them of prioritizing their own desires over the well-being of their daughter.


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