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Peaceful polling across 11 States/UTs in Phase-III of General Elections

Polling in the third phase of General Elections 2024 which commenced at 7 am today simultaneously across 93 PCs recorded an approximate voter turnout of 61.45% as of 8 pm. Though polling was till 6 PM, but voters were seen in the queue at many polling stations. Voters from across 11 States/UTs participated enthusiastically to cast their vote at their polling stations, braving hot weather conditions in some areas. Starting with this phase, ECI has commenced a system of SMS alerts, WhatsApp messages, and voice calls from national and state icons, with support from major Telecom Service Providers to encourage voter participation.  With the conclusion of Phase-3, polling is now over in 20 States/UTs and 283 PCs for General Elections 2024. A total of 1331 candidates were in the electoral fray in this Phase.

Electors Data and Voter Turnout:

Approximate turnout data for each State / 93 PCs having gone to poll in third phase / each of the Assembly constituency falling in each of the PC, is already available on voter turnout App (VTR App) live. Commission has added a new feature in VTR App to show aggregated phase-wise turnout also in addition to State/PC /AC wise figures for the benefit of media and other stakeholders.  The VTR App is available at the following link:

The voter turnout figures which are approximate as of 8 pm will continue to be further updated on VTR App on continuous basis as various polling parties formally close the poll and hand over Form 17 C to the polling agents of candidates at each of the polling station. As per statutory requirements, voter turnout is to be recorded at every polling station in absolute numbers in Form 17C, which prevails. As an embedded measure of transparency, the copies of Form 17C, duly signed by Presiding Officer and all present polling agents, are invariably shared with all present polling agents of contesting candidates. Thus, booth wise data of actual number of votes polled is always available with the candidates, which is a statutory requirement.

As a further measure of enhanced transparency and facilitation of all stakeholders including media, PC wise electors’ data for Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 is also being shared at Annexure A1, A2, and A3 respectively. This will facilitate calculation of number of voters at regular intervals, when aggregate PC wise turnout figures along with figures for respective assembly segments are updated on VTR App.

The state wise approximate voter turnout at 8pm is as below:

Sl. No.State / UTNo. PCsApproximate Voter Turnout %
4Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu265.23
8Madhya Pradesh963.09
10Uttar Pradesh1057.34
11West Bengal473.93
Above 11 States(93 PCs)9361.45

Data displayed here are as per the information being filled in the systems by the field officer.

This is an approximate trend, as data from some polling stations (PS) takes time and this trend does not include Postal Ballot. Final actual account of votes recorded for each PS is shared in Form 17 C with all Polling agents at close of polls.

In order to further facilitate the stake holders, Commission has decided to update the above table and again release the approximate voter turnout close to 11.30 pm today. Needless to add that same shall continue to be updated by the field level officers as polling parties keep returning and be available PC wise (along with respective AC segments) live at VTR App.

As per the laid down procedure, scrutiny of election papers takes place one day after the polling day in the presence of Candidates or their authorised polling agents. The decision to conduct repoll, if any, is also taken thereafter. Some polling parties return after polling day depending on the geographical/ logistical conditions. Commission will also, after the scrutiny and depending on the number/ schedule of repoll, publish the updated voter turnout along with gender wise breakup by 11.5.2024. In any case VTR App will continue to display updated turn out figures as usual.


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