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Omar Abdullah Mocks CAA Notification as “Ramadhan Gift” for Muslims, Expresses Regret

In a sharp and sarcastic critique, National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah lambasted the timing of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) notification, terming it a “Ramadhan gift” for Muslims and expressing deep regret over its implementation.

Addressing reporters, Abdullah remarked, “They have given a Ramadhan gift to the Muslims of the country by notifying the CAA. We regret it.” He pointed out the strategic timing of the notification, just days before the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections, suggesting that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lacks confidence in securing a resounding victory.

Abdullah emphasized the political motives behind the sudden enforcement of CAA rules, insinuating that the BJP’s move reflects its apprehension about electoral outcomes. “It was passed in 2019, but notifying the CAA (rules) just a few days before the bugle of elections is to be blown, perhaps it makes it clear what the aim is,” he remarked.

The National Conference leader accused the BJP of exploiting religious sentiments for electoral gains, asserting that the party aims to weaponize religion in the upcoming polls. He highlighted the targeting of Muslims within the framework of the CAA as a continuation of the BJP’s divisive politics.

Responding to queries regarding the Election Commission of India’s visit, Abdullah disclosed that his party delegation had met with the poll body, advocating for the synchronization of Parliament and assembly elections. “Let us see what they decide,” he stated.


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