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Kerala Couple Found Dead Alongside Friend in Arunachal Pradesh Hotel Room, Authorities Baffled

In a distressing incident unfolding in Arunachal Pradesh’s Ziro town, the bodies of three individuals from Kerala were discovered in a hotel room, sending shockwaves through the community. The victims have been identified as Naveen Thomas, his wife Devi B, both Ayurveda doctors hailing from Kottayam district, and their friend Arya B Nair, a school teacher from Thiruvananthapuram.

The grim discovery was made after hotel staff, alarmed by the prolonged absence of the guests, decided to investigate their room. Tragically, they found the trio lying lifeless inside. Initial investigations by the police suggest that all three succumbed to bleeding from cuts on their wrists, with a note recovered from the scene adding a mysterious dimension to the tragedy.

According to reports, the note left behind by the deceased raised suspicions of occult involvement, hinting at the possibility of black magic. The contents of the note, signed by the three, indicated a lack of apparent financial or personal problems, leaving investigators puzzled about the motive behind the extreme step.

Arya B Nair was found deceased in bed with self-harm marks, while Devi B was discovered on the floor with severe injuries to her neck and wrist. Naveen Thomas was found in the bathroom with a cut on his wrist, further adding to the grim nature of the scene.

The timeline of events leading to this tragedy revealed that the trio checked into the hotel on March 28 but remained out of sight until April 1, prompting concerns among the hotel staff and ultimately leading to the shocking discovery.

The investigation has been intensified with the involvement of district police teams and forensic experts to gather evidence and shed light on the circumstances surrounding the deaths. Additionally, post-mortem examinations are scheduled to provide further insights into the tragic incident.

Family members and acquaintances of the deceased have been left stunned by the turn of events, with Devi B being the daughter of renowned wildlife photographer Balan Madhavan. Madhavan expressed disbelief, stating that the couple lived happily without any apparent marital issues. The police, led by SP Ziro Keni Bagra, have assured the public of a thorough examination of all angles to unravel the mystery behind this devastating occurrence.


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