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Karachi SSP’s Son Kills Judge’s Son As He Takes a Bite of Girlfriend’s Burger

Karachi’s Defence area was rocked by tragedy in February as the son of a judge, Ali Keerio, fell victim to a dispute that ended in fatal consequences, according to police investigations. The investigation into the murder has uncovered a chilling sequence of events, revealing the shocking escalation of violence over a seemingly trivial matter.

The culprit behind the heinous act has been identified as Danial Nazeer Mir Behar, the son of a Karachi SSP, who was known to be a friend of the deceased. The unraveling of events suggests that what began as a seemingly innocuous gathering turned fatal due to unchecked anger and access to firearms.

On the fateful day, Danial had invited his girlfriend, Shazia, to his residence. Alongside them were Ali Keerio and his brother, Ahmer. However, a seemingly mundane incident sparked the tragic chain of events. Danial, intending to share a meal with his girlfriend, ordered two burgers. Yet, tension brewed when Ali Keerio purportedly consumed a portion of one of the burgers, enraging Danial.

In a fit of anger, Danial seized a guard’s rifle and recklessly discharged it at Ali Keerio, inflicting severe injuries that tragically proved fatal. Despite efforts to save him, Ali succumbed to his wounds while undergoing treatment at the hospital. The perpetrator, Danial Nazeer Mir Behar, currently awaits legal proceedings as he remains incarcerated.


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