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Congress Veteran Kamal Nath Asserts Loyalty Amidst Speculations, Offers Departure if Party Wishes

In a bid to quell rumors surrounding his political allegiance, Congress stalwart Kamal Nath affirmed his commitment to the party and extended an offer of departure if deemed necessary by party members. Addressing a gathering of party workers in Harrai, Chhindwara, Nath emphasized the importance of choice and stated his willingness to step aside if his presence was not desired.

The 77-year-old former Chief Minister, amidst speculation of a potential switch to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), reiterated his loyalty to the Congress. He reassured supporters of his unwavering dedication, highlighting the enduring bond forged over the years.

Acknowledging the prevailing political climate, Nath urged Congress workers not to succumb to panic in the face of BJP’s aggressive projection. He emphasized the imperative of voting for a secure future, expressing confidence in the collective strength of party members.

In a notable remark, Nath underscored the inclusive ownership of the recently constructed Ram temple in Ayodhya, cautioning against partisan appropriation. He emphasized the temple’s significance to all, regardless of political affiliations, and highlighted his personal devotion to Lord Ram, citing the construction of a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman on his land in Chhindwara.

Amidst swirling speculations regarding his potential defection to the BJP, Nath categorically dismissed such notions as media fabrications. He called upon the media to refrain from propagating baseless rumors and urged for factual reporting.


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