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Bihar’s 19-Year-Old Man Weds Both Girlfriends Within 20 Days, Ignites Village Drama  

In a bizarre turn of events in Bihar’s Jamui district, the saga of a 19-year-old man, Vinod Kumar, has left villagers stunned as he managed to tie the knot with two different women within a span of just one month. The incident, which unfolded in the Malaypur Police Station area, has sparked widespread attention and raised eyebrows across the region.

Son of Pradeep Tanti and a resident of Akshara village, Vinod Kumar’s romantic escapades first came to light when he crossed paths with Preeti Kumari, hailing from Navkadih village in the Lakshmipur police station area. Their acquaintance began through the realms of social media, specifically Facebook, where despite Preeti’s existing marital status and motherhood, love seemed to blossom between the two.

On April 22nd, Vinod embarked on a visit to Preeti’s residence, presumably to nurture their blossoming connection. However, fate had other plans as villagers stumbled upon the clandestine meeting, swiftly orchestrating a hasty marriage ceremony at the local temple, leaving Vinod and Preeti reluctantly entwined in matrimony.

Yet, Vinod’s romantic ventures did not cease there. Prior to his encounter with Preeti, he had established an illicit affair with another woman, Girija Kumari. Their rendezvous often intertwined amidst Vinod’s duties as a village DJ, where their bond blossomed over shared interests and music. Despite his newfound commitment to Preeti, Vinod clandestinely maintained his relationship with Girija.

The drama escalated when Vinod’s trysts with Girija were exposed during a visit to her residence, mirroring the events of his encounter with Preeti. Once again, villagers intervened, coercing another marriage ceremony upon the unsuspecting couple, effectively sealing Vinod’s fate as a polygamous spouse within the span of a mere 20 days.

While Preeti lodged a formal complaint against her husband’s polygamous endeavors, Girija surprisingly expressed her willingness to coexist within the familial dynamic. Police Officer Mahesh Singh confirmed the absence of any formal complaint but asserted that action would be taken upon receipt of such documentation.


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