Why Indian employees quitting jobs? Toxic bosses main reason

A recent survey has cited reasons behind the significant number of Indian employees resigning from their jobs, according to a report in Business Standard news portal.

While the initial assumption was that the pandemic was the main cause, the trend continued even after Covid-induced restrictions were lifted, suggesting other factors at play. Toxic bosses, toxic workplaces, stagnated career growth, and a mismatch of company and personal values are the main drivers behind the ‘Great Indian Resignation’ which set up in 2021. While higher salaries are not the primary motivator for leaving, the desire for better work-life balance is a growing concern among employees.

Toxic bosses and toxic workplaces
The survey revealed that toxic bosses and toxic workplaces were the primary reasons for the ‘Great Indian Resignation’. This finding challenges the common perception that employees quit primarily for better opportunities and higher salaries.

Among the respondents, 58 per cent mentioned leaving their jobs because of toxic bosses who promoted unhealthy competition among colleagues and neglected their well-being.
Furthermore, 54 per cent blamed toxic workplaces characterized by office politics and unethical employers.

Stagnated career growth
Around 42 per cent of the participants cited stagnated career growth as a key factor leading to their resignations. This implies that they felt their professional development had reached a standstill in their current positions.

Mismatch of company and personal values
Another significant reason for resignations, mentioned by 33 per cent of the respondents, was a mismatch between the values of the employees and their companies. This misalignment made them feel disconnected from their organisation’s core principles, leading them to seek opportunities elsewhere.

Low remuneration and remote work options
Surprisingly, only 20 per cent of the respondents left their jobs for better salaries elsewhere. However, 11 per cent mentioned the lack of remote work options as a contributing factor to their decision to resign.

Pursuit of higher education
A mere six per cent of individuals quit their jobs to pursue higher education, indicating that educational pursuits were not a significant reason for the mass resignations observed.
Future resignation plans
The survey also revealed that a staggering 86 per cent of Indian employees surveyed plan to resign from their current positions within the next six months. Additionally, 61 per cent of the respondents expressed a willingness to accept a lower salary in exchange for a better work-life balance.