Vijay Antony’s Painful Awareness Video Goes Viral Amid Daughter’s Death: ‘Never Commit Suicide…’

Following the alleged suicidal death of Tamil actor and music composer’s daughter Meera, an old statement of Vijay Antony on suicide awareness is going viral on social media. 16-years-old Meera died by alleged suicide on Tuesday morning.

In the viral video of the actor, who lost his father at a young age to suicide, urged people to avoid taking the extreme step.

“No matter how painful life gets, or the kind of difficulties you might have to go through, never commit suicide. It is heart breaking for the children. My father took his own life when I was 7 and my sister was 5. I have seen how difficult it was for my mother after that and the hardships she has gone through,” Vijay had once said in an interview.

Vijay had also talked about suicidal tendencies in children due to “pressure of studies”. “They are sent to tuition immediately after school. Remember, you aren’t even giving them time to think. Please don’t do that. Allow them some time to be free. As for adults, I want them to love themselves rather than be obsessed over wealth and success,” stated Vijay.

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For the unversed, Vijay Antony is a renowned music director and actor in the Tamil film industry. Vijay transitioned into an actor after delivering popular hit songs for Tamil films. He is also known for his directorial skills and is a producer too. His wife, Fatima Vijay Antony, handles their production house. Vijay and his wife Fatima also have a younger daughter named Lara.