TCS staff ends work-from-home mode, asked to come thrice a week

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has asked its employees to work in office at least three days a week, bringing to an end full work-from-home model adopted because of the pandemic, with more and more information technology companies transitioning into a hybrid model.

TCS, in an email sent to employees, stated that its senior employees have already been working from the office and that customers are also visiting the TCS offices. 

It further states that managers will prepare a roster, and employees must work from the office for at least three days a week. 

“Adherence to rostering is mandatory and will be tracked… any noncompliance will be taken seriously, and administrative measures may be applied,” the email read.

Speaking about the new mandate, a TCS spokesperson told a national daily that they are working in a phased manner to get the employees back to the office and that it is in line with the company’s “vision to transition to 25X25 model”.

As per the model, not more than 25 per cent of TCS employees will need to work from the office at a given point. It is expected to be implemented by 2025.

For now, employees haven’t been given a deadline to return to the office, but they are advised to contact their managers to know about the arrangements made for their projects per the new working plan.

The rostering will be based on project requirements, and a mix of freshers and experienced professionals will be called to the office, a TCS spokesperson revealed.