Taliban Provincial Governor says, They Will Fight Against ISIS

Being a Taliban fighter, he spent many years battling the Afghan dispensation. Now, with the Taliban in power, Mullah Neda Mohammad says he will fight against rival jihadists, the ISIS.

After the Taliban’s victory in August, Mohammad took over as governor of Nangarhar province. Nangarhar is home to the ISIS Afghanistan-Pakistan’s stronghold.

“We are searching for individuals who are hiding,” Mohammad told AFP. He claimed that his forces have arrested 70 to 80 ISIS members. This, ever since they possessed control of Nangarhar’s capital Jalalabad.

ISIS are responsible for some of the worst ever attacks in Afghanistan in the recent past.

The group claimed responsibility for a devastating suicide bombing near Kabul airport on August 26. In that blast, about 100 Afghans and 13 US soldiers were killed.

This was the deadliest attack against American forces in Afghanistan since 2011. After the blast, the US military said it had carried out a drone strike against an ISIS “planner” in the Nangarhar province.

However, Mohammad says he does not think that ISIS poses a great a threat as they did in Iraq and Syria.

“Here they have suffered many casualties in northern and eastern Afghanistan,” he told AFP in Jalalabad, at the governor’s palace, now decked with Taliban flags.

With the Taliban in power, “there will be no reason for (ISIS) to be here”, he said. “We don’t consider ISIS as a threat.”