RPF Cop Made Man Walk Till Pantry Before Shooting

Railway Protection Force (RPF) officer Chetan Singh’s actions have sent shockwaves across the country as he shot four people, including one of his colleagues, in a moving train on Monday.

The details of the incident are making it even more spine-chilling that have emerged after the deaths. According to cops, before killing one of the victims, Chetan Singh made him walk at gunpoint to the pantry car, which was apparently two bogeys away.

“RPF constable Chetan Singh forced Syed S, a passenger travelling in B2 coach of the train, to walk at gunpoint up to the pantry car where he shot him dead. They crossed coaches, B2 and B1, before reaching the pantry car while other passengers watched,” a GRP official stated.

A news report also claimed that the constable’s family, which is based out of Mathura, said that Chetan always remained “tense” and “under pressure”. The  report added Chetan’s sister said that his brother was struggling with weak health for some time.

She also mentioned that Singh was undergoing treatment and taking medication. Worse, she mentioned that he was also diagnosed with a blood clot in his brain.

The GRP is collecting details of the passengers in at least five bogies who might have witnessed the killings as Singh strutted with the automatic weapon. Statements of at least a dozen passengers have been recorded so far, according to the official.

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“Medical examination of the accused has been conducted but his motive behind the killings is still unclear. We are collecting information about other passengers too,” the official added.

He said many passengers alighted at Borivali station before the train reached its final destination of Mumbai Central on Monday morning.

The victims were identified as Abdul Kadarbhai Mohammed Hussain Bhanpurwala (58), a resident of Nalasopara in Palghar, and Asgar Abbas Sheikh (48), a resident of Madhubani in Bihar. A GRP official on Tuesday said the third passenger killed by Singh is identified as Syed S (43).