NSA Ajit Doval, Senior Chinese Diplomat Wang Yi Meet on Sidelines of BRICS NSA Summit

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval met Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi on the side lines of the ‘Friends of BRICS’ meeting on Monday. Both the representatives discussed common views of India and China share.

Meanwhile, the ‘Friends of BRICS’ meeting was held in Johannesburg with NSAs of BRICS member-states and NSAs of ‘Friends of BRICS’ nations.

The former Chinese foreign minister who represented China at the BRICS NSA meeting in Johannesburg said that India and China are “two major forces in the process of multi-polarization”.

India has clarified on several occasions that India and China ties can only go back to its normal state if China stops attempting to alter the status quo in the border areas.

NSA Doval outlined that mutual respect and mutual understanding is needed in New Delhi and Beijing were to work closely and make positive contributions to maintaining world peace and prosperity.

He added that both nations share common views on the future of mankind and the world and have extensive common interests.

In the Johannesburg meeting, chaired by South African minister Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, Doval highlighted the need to understand the gravity of cybersecurity risks posed with the advent of Artificial Intelligence and other technological advancements like Big Data and Internet of Things.

Doval pointed to the links between cyber criminals and terrorists including the use of cyberspace for financing, money laundering, radicalising, lone wolf attacks, recruitment and secured communications, people familiar with the developments said.

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“Younger populations are particularly susceptible to the spread of extremist ideologies through the use of social media sites because they are technology savvy and have impressionable minds,” Doval said.

“The Global South in particular needed to overcome limitations of resources. In this endeavour, India will always remain at the forefront working closely with the Global South,” he further added.

Doval also met with his other counterparts on the sidelines of the ‘Friends of BRICS’ meeting and the NSA meeting. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS), Iran, Burundi, Egypt, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, UAE and Belarus took part in the meeting.

South Africa is the current chair of the BRICS group. The BRICS leadership summit will be held on August 23 and August 24 in Johannesburg.