Muslim Woman Converts and Marries Hindu Man in Controversial Ceremony in UP

In a small village in Uttar Pradesh’s Kaushambi district, a controversial marriage has taken place, sparking tension and raising questions about religious and cultural boundaries. Rukhsar, a 20-year-old Muslim woman, converted to Hinduism and married her Hindu boyfriend Ravi Gupta in a traditional Hindu ceremony held at a Shiva temple.

The incident, which has taken place in the village of Mohiddinpur Sadwa, has attracted significant attention and led to the deployment of police and paramilitary forces in the area. Rukmani, previously known as Rukhsar, had eloped with her neighbor Ravi Gupta just 15 days before the marriage.

This unusual situation began when Rukhsar’s family filed a false abduction case against Ravi, prompting the police to locate and detain the young woman. However, during her statement before the court, Rukhsar, claiming to be of legal age, asserted her right to choose her life partner. She expressed her love for Ravi and her desire to marry him.

Based on documentary evidence and Rukhsar’s statement, the court ordered that Ravi be released into her custody as her legal guardian. After returning from court, the couple proceeded to a Shiva temple, where they conducted a wedding ceremony in accordance with Hindu customs. The presence of Ravi’s parents and representatives from Hindu organizations added a formal touch to the event, which included Vedic rituals and mantras.

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News of the interfaith marriage quickly spread throughout the village, leading to heightened tension. Rukhsar’s family, who reside in close proximity to Ravi’s home, were reportedly distressed by the situation. In response to the developing situation, a substantial police presence was established in the village to maintain order.

Rukhsar emphasized that she loves Ravi and had chosen to convert to Hinduism of her own volition. Meanwhile, the police have refrained from making any official statements regarding the matter.