Minor raped near Madhya Pradesh temple, bite marks all over body

In Madhya Pradesh, an 11-year-old girl who had been viciously gang-raped, covered in bite marks and smeared in blood, was discovered on Friday morning in a jungle next to a well-known temple . The girl’s condition is reportedly grave.
Two persons have been detained, according to an official, and one of the suspects works for the management committee of the temple’s cow refuge.

The girl went missing on Thursday evening, according to the police, and her family alerted authorities when she didn’t return home until late at night.

She was discovered the next morning in Arkandi township, under Maihar police station, in Satna district, in a jungle about one km from her home.

In Maihar town, there is a shrine dedicated to the goddess Sharda, which draws visitors from all across the nation.

The girl was taken to the Maihar Civil Hospital after the family called the police. As word of the tragedy circulated around the hamlet, an enraged throng arrived at the hospital. Police and district representatives also hurried over to stop the situation from getting worse.

“We learned that the girl had been located this morning. She was indeed raped, as determined by our inquiry. Two suspects have been detained by police after being arrested. There is a medical examination going on. Rewa Medical College has been recommended for the survivor, according to Maihar sub-divisional police officer Lokesh Dabar.

chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has ordered the police to prosecute the suspect harshly and make sure the victim receives the best care available.expressed his sadness over the event.

“I have received information about the rape in Maihar. My heart is full of pain, I am distressed. The police have arrested the criminals. Instructions have been given to the administration to make arrangements for proper treatment of the girl.  No criminal will be spared, strictest action will be taken,” Chief minister Chouhan tweeted.