Married Delhi Woman Crosses Over Into Pakistan To Meet Lover

Amid the ongoing Seema Haider saga, a married woman from the national capital, New Delhi, travelled to Pakistan to meet her lover in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. According to Aaj News, Upper Dir SHO, Javed Khan, informed that Anju entered Pakistan lawfully and with a valid visa.

Seema Haider had crossed over into India illegally to move in together with her Indian lover, Sachin Meena, whom she met over popular online game PUBG. However, unlike Haider, who sneaked into India without any valid travel papers, Anju was granted entry into Pakistan by the authorities on the weight of a visa.

SHO Javed further said that Anju arrived in Pakistan by way of Wagah and continued on to Islamabad. While she arrived with a visa, government authorities have opened an investigation into the matter, the media report added.

Aaj News is a 24×7 television channel disseminating news from across Pakistan. Further, according to the report, Anju (35) and Nasrullah (29) from Upper Dir became friends on Facebook. Soon, their friendship blossomed into love.

Though married, she decided to cross over into Pakistan and travel all way to the rugged terrains of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in pursuit of love, according to Aaj News.

The television channel stated that it received confirmation from Upper Dir Police that the Indian woman was currently in the Malakand Division district and a security team had begun a probe.

Anju was allowed a stay in Pakistan for 30 days, according to her visa information form, reported Aaj News. The channel further quoted Anju as saying that she met Nasrullah on Facebook four years ago and the two became friends.

She added that she loved and “could not live without” her Pakistani companion, reported Aaj News.

A working woman in India, Anju said she was visiting Pakistan for sightseeing and not marriage. Meanwhile, local journalists were not allowed to meet Anju on Sunday after the story of her passage to Pakistan broke. They were told that Anju and Nasrullah had left for an outing, the report claimed.

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On the other hand, reacting to the illegal cross-over of Seema Haider into India, the Ministry of External Affairs had said the matter was ‘under investigation’, adding that she was presented before the court and was granted bail.

“We are aware of the matter. She was presented before the court and is now out on bail,” the official spokesperson of the MEA, Arindam Bagchi, said at a press briefing on July 20.