Insta photo Of Meghan Markle without engagement ring sets social media abuzz

On her 42nd birthday, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, was recently observed celebrating with her pals. However, as soon as a photo from the party appeared on one of her friends’ Instagram story, commenters began pointing out that her engagement ring was missing. This quickly fuelled rumors that everything might not be well between her and her husband, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.
Markle and two friends are seen in the photo celebrating her birthday. The Duchess is hugging one of the pals while the other two women are grinning. Even though Markle is still wearing her engagement band, a close inspection reveals that her engagement ring is missing from her finger.

The description of the image, which was uploaded on a fan account, reads, “A new adorable snapshot of Meghan, shared by her hair stylist Mika Harris on the occasion of the Duchess’s birthday, on the left of the photo writer Cleo Wade.

The lost engagement ring stunned a few individuals. One user remarked, “I wonder what happened to the engagement ring.”

Not everyone wears their engagement rings in everyday life. I know I don’t.” commented a person. 

“She looks so well. Perhaps her ring was sent for resizing,” added another user. 

Her engagement ring, according to People Magazine, is a three-stone ring with two side stones from Princess Diana’s jewelry collection and a huge cushion-cut center stone purchased from Botswana. The Duchess has previously been spotted wearing both her gold wedding band and engagement ring.

The Duchess has, however, been seen without her engagement ring before. She chose not to wear the ring for the couple’s tour of South Africa in September 2019, said People Magazine, in order to keep things “more low-key during meet and greet.” She wore only two rings, a turquoise marquise ring and her Welsh gold wedding band. Previously, due to swelling during her first pregnancy, Markle had to remove the ring.