India’s Pragg finishes 2nd after crucial fight with World No 1 Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen ultimately succeeded in winning the FIDE World Cup after defeating India’s R Praggananada. He won it for the first time in his career on Thursday after three days and four tight games of chess played in two different formats.

The 18-year-old youthful prodigy from India, Praggnanandhaa, had to drag him through the tie-breaker before he could defeat him in the championship match. After the second game of the tiebreaker, Carlsen’s victory was officially declared. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the two players each played one draw.

Despite losing the final match, the FIDE World Cup was nevertheless a memorable experience for the young man from Chennai because he qualified for the renowned Candidates Tournament, which is held to select a rival for world champion Ding Liren in the following world chess championship match.

Pragg was the youngest World Cup finalist ever and the youngest World Cup champion. He turned 18 during the World Cup. Pragg, who was seeded number 31, became the World Cup champion despite having the lowest seed.

After the illustrious Bobby Fischer and Carlsen, Praggnanandhaa qualified for the Candidates tournament by reaching the final. He was the third youngest player to do so.

Magnus Carlsen, the world’s best player, had trouble getting motivated at the outset of the FIDE World Cup. He also mentioned having anxiety while playing. After losing against Vincent Keymer in the contest, he was forced to confront a severe reckoning and an unpleasant reminder of previous mistakes.

After that, he developed food poisoning. Nevertheless, he defeated India’s emerging talent R Praggnanandhaa to win his first World Cup championship.