How an ‘insulted’ Shah Rukh got back at the KBC contestant

Shah Rukh Khan has just hosted one season of Kaun Banega Crorepati in 2008. During his stint, Shah Rukh generally would send off contestants with a hug. However on one of the occasions, a contestant turned down his request for an embrace and even said that his acting style was not good. 

In the third season of the popular quiz show, college lecturer Archana Sharma won the fastest finger first round and got a chance to play for the ₹2 crore prize money on the hot seat. 

Almost immediately, it was clear that Archana was no fan of Shah Rukh. She said in Hindi, “Mr Khan, I watch your films, but I didn’t think of you as a good actor initially.” Shah Rukh just smiled at her. She continued, “I noted this, and if you are honest to yourself, you would agree that a lot of your mannerisms are similar to Shammi Kapoor’s.”

Shah Rukh instantly delivered the iconic Shammi Kapoor line ‘Yahoo!’, but Archana cut him off. She said, “No! In the field of intensity (sic). You have very expressive eyes.”

Shah Rukh was taken aback. He said, “Are you praising me now? I thought you were still scolding me.” Later, Shah Rukh told Archana that he insists that contestants who want to bow out of the show do so with a hug. Archana, who was stumped by a question, immediately decided to quit. But she said, “I don’t want to take a risk at this stage. I have no intention of hugging you, I quit.” 

Shah Rukh went silent, but he unleashed some trademark Shah Rukh Khan charm, and said, “I am about to cry. I wanted to hug you because you played so wonderfully. And I wanted to share that love with you.”

As a parting gesture, Shah Rukh requested Archana if he could present the cheque to her mother, who was in the audience. “You are very strict, but would you mind if I present this cheque to your mother? I am sure she wouldn’t turn down my hug.” Almost immediately, Shah Rukh went into the stands and took Archana’s blessings.