Delhi woman killed by cousin for rejecting his marriage proposal

In a barbaric act, a man allegedly killed his cousin by beating her to death with an iron rod because she had refused to get married to him and he was having trouble convincing anybody else to agree.

The 25-year-old girl was killed in a park on Friday afternoon by a man who allegedly planned the murder for three days before turning himself in to police hours later.

“We learned that a 25-year-old woman’s body had been discovered in a park close to Aurobindo College in Malviya Nagar, South Delhi. An iron rod was discovered close to her body, according to a Delhi Police official.

According to the investigation, the victim was identified as Nargis and was seen in the park with her cousin Irfan. Nargis was discovered by the police to be enrolled in a stenography course in Malviya Nagar and to have graduated from Kamala Nehru College earlier this year.

Irfan surrendered to the authorities and was arrested while they continued their investigation. Irfan, a 28-year-old food delivery worker, revealed to the police that his mother and Nargis’ mother are related when being questioned. He claimed that the reason his family had declined his request to wed Nargis was in part because he did not have a proper job.

Additionally, Nargis declined to wed him and ceased communicating with him and returning his calls. Irfan expressed to the police his dismay and indignation over this, which was made worse by the fact that no one else was willing to marry him.

Irfan claimed he went to the park today knowing that Nargis would cross it on her way home from her stenography class and that he had planned the murder three days prior. Around noon, Irfan phoned her in and said he wanted to speak to her while she was walking through the park. He allegedly beat her with an iron rod after she refused, according to authorities.

According to Chandan Chowdhury, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Delhi), “The lad was upset after his marriage proposal was declined and the girl stopped speaking to him or receiving his calls. That’s why he murdered her,” she said.