DCs asked to ensure complete ban on stubble burning in Punjab

Punjab Chief Secretary Vijay Kumar Janjua has directed all the Deputy Commissioners to make proper arrangements in their respective districts to prevent stubble burning by all means.

He asked officials to make farmers aware that if a farmer burns stubble will get a red entry in his revenue record, then he may be deprived of many government schemes. He said that due to the increase in pollution levels in North India due to stubble burning, Punjab has to face embarrassment at national level.

He said that special efforts are being made to sensitise farmers about stubble burning. Financial assistance is also being provided to the farmers for purchase of happy seeder and other such tools for further reduction of stubble and for stubble management.

Presiding over a meeting with all Deputy Commissioners and senior officials of Punjab, the Chief Secretary said that the state government is taking special initiative to promote management of stubble instead of burning it to save the environment from pollution.

He said that although there is a law regarding non-burning of straw, despite this, incidents of burning of straw are reported every year. While reviewing the stubble management and distribution of machines/tools in each district, the Chief Secretary said that the district administration should make the farmers aware of environmental protection through various means and explain to them how much damage is caused by stubble and paddy burning.