Date of World Cup India-Pak match may be shifted due to Navratri

Due to the Navratri celebrations in Ahmedabad, the India-Pakistan match in the 2018 ODI World Cup may be moved ahead a day to October 14; this could cause logistical problems for the spectators. The security authorities have recommended that the big game, which will also require a huge deployment of security officers, be rescheduled because October 15 falls on the first day of Navratri celebrations, a BCCI source informed PTI.

If a date change is required, the ICC and BCCI will need to meet to make the decision. Additional discussion is necessary, according to individuals close to the ICC.

Although it has been learned that the game won’t be played at any ither place than the Narendra Modi Stadium, spectators may still need to reschedule their travel arrangements.

The World Cup schedule was revealed by the ICC and BCCI last month, which caused accommodation rates in Ahmedabad to soar. The fans’ plight is expected to get worse if the game is postponed by a day. It was reported earlier this month that some fans had turned to arranging hospital beds in the city as a result of the skyrocketing accommodation prices.

The Pakistani squad, which has a match on October 12, will be impacted by the game’s one-day advance as well. Additionally, two matches have already been set for October 14: a daytime match between England and Afghanistan in New Delhi and a day-night game between New Zealand and Bangladesh in Chennai.