Caste-Based Census in Bihar: Center Asserts Exclusive Jurisdiction Over Conducting Census

The Central Government submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court today, asserting its claim in the case of caste-based census in Bihar. In the affidavit, the Central Government has stated that as per the Census Act of 1948, the right to conduct a census lies with it, and it is solely responsible for organizing the census, not the state government.

Detailing the provisions of the Census Act, the Central Government has clarified that Section 3 of the Act grants exclusive rights to the Central Government for conducting the census and making official announcements regarding its organization. The Act explicitly designates the responsibility of organizing the census across the country to the Central Government.

The affidavit also underlines that the Constitution does not grant any other authority or body the right to initiate a census or similar measures. It reaffirms that the sole authority for conducting the census lies with the Central Government.

The affidavit filed by the Ministry of Home Affairs in the Supreme Court elucidates the position of the Central Government in this matter. It firmly establishes the claim that all necessary and appropriate steps are being taken in accordance with the standards set by the Constitution and the law.

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The census is a legal process governed by the Census Act of 1948, falling under Entry 69 of the 7th Schedule of the Central List, which specifically grants the Central Government the right to organize it.

This case assumes significant importance at a time when the jurisdiction over the caste-based census is being debated. The Central Government’s affidavit presents a clear stance on the issue and reinforces its assertion that all requisite steps are being undertaken in line with the Constitution and the legal norms.

The census is a fundamental process defined under the Census Act of 1948 and is categorized within Entry 69 of the 7th Schedule of the Central List, granting the Central Government the exclusive authority to conduct the census.