Brutal assault video of a youth tied to tree in UP’s Bagpat goes viral

In a shocking incident from the Doghat region of Bagpat, a video depicting the severe beating of a young man while tied to a neem tree has gone viral on social media. The incident is reported to be the aftermath of suspicions of theft, where a group of men subjected the young man to a merciless thrashing. In the video, one of the aggressors holds the youth’s hands while he is bound to the tree, while another continuously strikes his back with a stick.

The approximately 5-minute long video has garnered widespread attention on social media platforms. Subsequently, the police intervened and issued charges against individuals from both sides for disturbing the peace.

The incident involves an alleged theft of five thousand rupees from Rajbir’s pocket, with suspicion falling on Sitaram. In retaliation, Rajbir’s group reportedly cornered Sitaram in a compound near a neem tree in Doghat and brutally beat him. One youth in the group held Sitaram’s hands, while another used a stick to deliver repeated blows to his body. After a considerable duration, the villagers managed to free the young man.

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The entire incident was captured on video and swiftly circulated on social media, leading the Doghat Police to file charges under the breach of peace against Charn Singh and Babloo from one faction, and against Kanwar Pal and Sitaram from the other faction. Devesh Kumar Sharma, the in-charge of Doghat Police Station, stated that both groups had engaged in violence against each other. Initially, Sitaram’s group had assaulted Rajbir, prompting Rajbir’s group to retaliate by subjecting Sitaram to the same treatment. The video of this retaliation was subsequently shared widely.

Consequently, charges under the breach of peace have been filed against all four individuals involved in the incident from both groups.