BRICS Summit: PM Modi Advocates African Union’s G20 Inclusion

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on all BRICS countries to support for inclusion of African Union in the G20. Addressing at 15th BRICS summit, PM Modi proposed cooperation in the areas of Space exploration, education & technology, skill mapping and traditional medicine.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other BRICS leader discussed major global developments and leveraging the five-member bloc’s platform to find solutions to global challenges during a key meeting in Johannesburg. This is the first in-person BRICS Summit after three consecutive years of virtual meetings because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping, at BRICS Summit, said that China’s economy is resilient and the fundamentals for long-term growth remained unchanged.

The five-nation BRICS summit is focused on whether to expand the club and how to be a counterweight to Western powers, but the meeting opened in Johannesburg on Tuesday in the shadow of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with Russian President Vladimir Putin attempting to rally the members via video to Moscow’s side.

PM will address BRICS Africa Outreach forum and the extended format of BRICS+ nation on Thursday, where leaders from about 40 countries will participate.

The PM will also have bilateral meetings with leaders from the participating countries. PM will leave for his next destination, Greece, late on Thursday night.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday attended the BRICS Leaders Retreat and deliberated on global developments with other leaders of the five-member bloc.

PM Modi, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa hold bilateral meeting in Johannesburg.

Earlier on Tuesday, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa opened the 15th BRICS Summit and said that the new wave of protectionism and the subsequent impact of unilateral measures that are incompatible with WTO rules undermine global economic growth and development.