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The 17-day 44-match hockey extravaganza has been a big draw.Olympians, internationals, coaches, umpires, technical officials, fans and lovers of the sport besides upcoming players have all descended on co-host cities of Bhubaneswar and Rourkela, Interestingly, a number of former coaches of Indian teams, both Indian and foreigner, are here. They include Roeland Oltmans, who was […]Continue Reading
Surprises, both savory and unsavory, have been galore as  the defending champions Belgium, Australia, England  and the Netherlands made the last eight round in the FIH Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup. While the hosts India, Germany, Argentina, Spain, New Zealand, Malaysia, Korea and  France by virtue of finishing second and third in their respective pools would […]Continue Reading
Sports and politics are inseparable. Politics in sports is no different than games politicians play. Difference, if any, is that those who are in sports normally rise above party politics. Cutting across party lines, they have strong group affiliations. Look at the previous National Sports Federations (NSFs), including the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), key players used […]Continue Reading
Financial resources crunch, empty coffers, financial emergency, on brink of bankruptcy and bulging deficits are common adages often used to describe fiscal health of  various States in the country. But do we wonder how huge  “wasteful”  expenditures have grown over the years?Yes, there is a regulatory authority called Comptroller and Auditor General of India mandated […]Continue Reading