6 Labourers Killed at Thane Skyscraper As Construction Lift Comes Crashing Down

A construction lift at a 40-storey under-construction building crashed in the Balkum neighborhood of Thane, close to Mumbai, killing at least six workers.
The 16th floor was where the construction lift crashed down from and landed at P3 (three floors below ground in the parking area), according to Yasin Tadvi, head of Thane Municipal Corporation’s emergency management unit.

The accident happened at around 6.15 pm when the workers, after completing the waterproofing, were coming down in the elevator. One of the supporting cables of the lift snapped, leading to the incident.

The construction site is situated off Ghodbunder Road . According to Regional Disaster Management Cell (RDMC) officials, the construction work at the site was complete but the waterproofing work was under way on the roof.

“The rope of the elevator broke on the 16th floor when the workers were descending, leading to the lift crashing into the basement of the underground parking lot. Seven workers got trapped inside, and were removed from the debris by the rescue team. Six of them have died and one is in the Nipun multispecialty hospital in Panchpakhadi in a critical condition,”said Tadvi.

After receiving the information, a team of Regional Disaster Management Cell and Fire Brigade personnel rushed to the spot and pulled out the workers from the basement parking.

“It was not immediately clear how the lift cable malfunctioned,” Tadvi added.

The dead labourers have been identified as Mahendra Choupal (32), Rupesh Kumar Das (21), Harun Sheikh (47), Mithlesh (35), and Karidas (38). Another person is yet to be unidentified.